Development without Displacement

A lifelong resident of Prince George’s County and a proud son of a small business owner, David understands the characteristics that make it the perfect place for business: a highly skilled pool of employees, affordable land, a robust transportation network, and more. But there are still many neighbors who do not benefit from its growing economy.
David knows that our local business community, when given a fair chance, can out-compete any other business in the DMV. He will fight to bring more businesses to District 26 and push them to better support the community by hiring local residents, serving community needs, and joining its vibrant culture. Through town halls and other collective action, he will help residents voice their opinions to developers, County staff, and local elected officials to ensure that development happens for us, not to us.


As your Delegate, David will:

  • Focus economic development efforts on the communities that need it most
  • Improve connections between local entrepreneurs and existing county and state incentives
  • Build a strong community-based dialogue around development together.