Healthier Communities

David believes that quality healthcare is a fundamental right for all citizens of Prince George’s County, which still has the highest number of uninsured residents in Maryland. As Special Advisor to Governor Martin O’Malley, David stood by his side when he first extended healthcare access to 63,000 residents in the county who were previously uninsured. David will continue to fight to expand coverage in our District, despite national and state efforts to undermine those efforts.


David understands that we must invest in all aspects of our community in order for its residents to be strong and healthy. A longtime supporter of bringing the Southern Maryland Hospital Center to Prince George’s County, he will continue to fight for more investment in health infrastructure. He will also work to bring programs to District 26 that incentivize healthy living and bring more doctors and nurses to the region.


With nearly 75,000 seniors living in Prince George’s County, David will continually fight to make sure they are receiving the respect, care, safety, and healthcare options that they deserve. He will seek to broaden and deepen the Homeowner Property Tax Credit so that more of our seniors can better afford to comfortably remain in the communities they helped build. David also believes that residents should be able to access community-based care services so that they can age in place with the support of their families and neighborhoods. He will fight to better connect residents to programs like the federal Community First Choice program and state Senior Care system so that they can access these resources under existing Medicare and private health coverage.


As your Delegate, David will:

  • Support and expand the availability of health insurance programs to connect residents with critical health care coverage
  • Fight to eliminate health disparities by establishing a “South County” health enterprise zone, following the model set by Anthony Brown.
  • Further integrate the Southern Maryland Hospital Center into the local community
  • Broaden and deepen the Homeowner Property Tax Credit