Safer Streets

David knows that improving public safety, in the long run, requires completely rethinking our approach. He will work with county officials to create a summer employment program, offering a source of income, skills, and pride for our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. He will also fight to increase the penalty and services for citizens who commit domestic violence, to ensure that home is a true safe haven for all members of the family.


David believes in the power of technology to revolutionize our supportive and preventative efforts. He will work to create an online one-stop-shop of crime prevention resources and information for families, making it easier for residents to support their children and get involved in the community. He will also fight to expand resources for law enforcement agencies so that they can better communicate within their department and with colleagues across the county and state.


As your Delegate, David will:

  • Create a comprehensive network of resources for at-risk youth
  • Utilize innovative information sharing techniques
  • Increase inter-operable capabilities